At Tarkan Real Estate, our brokerage includes specific services aimed at assisting and protecting the client throughout the leasing, buying or selling process; spans all phases of the real estate process from initial planning and needs assessment through negotiation, documentation, construction and ongoing building management.

Services We Provide to Sellers as Clients:

While many times an agent working on a broker’s behalf will take on these duties, the broker often handles transactions for sellers as well. In some states, such as Colorado and New Mexico, all licensed individuals are “brokers,” though only some are licensed to supervise agents.

Services We Provide to Buyers as Clients

This is the other side, working with people wanting to buy a property with advice and services to help them to locate the property and complete the transaction.

Supervising Agents

When a broker is licensed to have agents working under them, sometimes called a Supervising or Managing Broker, their agents handle most or all of the brokerage transactions.

Types of Services Tarkan Real Estate Provides as Brokers

It is generally advised that prospective sellers or buyers consult a licensed real estate professional and here where Tarkan Real Estate stands out for the services we provide.

Some examples

[lvca_accordion style=”style3″][lvca_panel panel_title=”Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)”]an estimate of the home’s value compared with others. This differs from an appraisal in that property currently for sale may be taken into consideration. (competition for the subject property)[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Total Market Overview”]an objective method for determining a home’s value, where a CMA is subjective.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Broker’s Price Opinion”]Estimate of a property’s value or potential selling price[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Real Estate Appraisal “]In most states, only if the broker is also licensed as an appraiser.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Exposure”]Marketing the real property to prospective buyers.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Facilitating a Purchase “]Guiding a buyer through the process.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Facilitating a Sale “]Guiding a seller through the selling process.[/lvca_panel][/lvca_accordion]

[lvca_accordion style=”style3″][lvca_panel panel_title=”FSBO document preparation “]Preparing necessary paperwork for “For Sale By Owner” sellers.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Home Selling Kits”]Guides advising how to market and sell a property.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Free Hourly Consulting “]Hourly Consulting for a fee, based on the client’s needs.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Leasing “]Leasing for a fee or percentage of the gross lease value.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Property Services”]Property Management, Exchanging property, And Auctioning property.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Property Management”]

  • Exchanging property.
  • Auctioning property.
  • Preparing contracts and leases.


These services are also changing as a variety of real estate trends transform the industry.

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